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The M-series is the first IR camera with a continuous optical zoom lens which has been proven in battle since the mid-1990s and is suitable for observation and scanning systems.


The M-series camera has unique image enhancement algorithms for dynamic battlefield applications. The camera provides excellent quality images for every application and for all users. The camera uses a proprietary highly powerful continuous optical zoom lens and can be supplied with or without an enclosure.


M-45 and M-72
Thermal Imaging (TI) Cameras with Continuous Optical Zoom Lens
Infra-red 3-5 µm spectral range
3rd Generation InSb FPA 320 x 256 or 640 x 512 (P) pixels standard
Excellent quality infra-red picture
Unique infra-red continuous optical zoom lens
Auto-focus through zoom
Quality focus through zoom
Unique image enhancement capabilities
Fixed CG through zoom - optional
Micro scanning for improved resolution - optional
Housing - optional
Compact size, lightweight


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