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The S2 SCVideo Terminal is a stand alone video display and transmission system which works alongside the SCS wireless command net, to transit video back to the Commanders Video Console.


The SCS2VT connects to both the EyeCam fitted to the telescopic sight of the weapon and also to an auxiliary camera. Normally, the auxiliary camera is a Britannia 2712 autofocus colour/mono camera and can be controlled from the SCSVT handset. For full function Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras or Thermal Imagers, a version is available with full camera and PTZ control.

The SCS2VT uses the Britannia RHINO IP video transmission system and will transmit a video stream back to the Commanders Console. In addition, camera commands from the Commander are received by the terminal so that it seamlessly links in to the Sniper Coordination System without any additional cabling at the Sniper point.

If a PTZ camera or Thermal Imager is used, then the Commander can also control it. When the Sniper is sent a STAND BY signal by the commander over the command net, the SCS2VT will automatically switch to the telescopic EyeCam picture.

Each SCS2VT automatically acts as a repeater for other units nearby using a mesh network. If a unit is removed from the network, the system automatically reconfigures itself to provide the path back to the Commander. Using this technique means that the Commander does not have to be in direct contact with every sniper in the team, because the pictures are routed to him via others in the system.

RHINO is capable of transmitting multiple cameras over a single channel. This enables different teams to be allocated a single frequency for their team use. Normally 6-8 cameras can be transmitted over a single channel.



Long range antenna
Carry case
Colour finish
External power leads
Batteries and charger
Full PTZ camera control


Sniper Video Terminal

Wireless Mesh Network Video Terminal for Sniper Coordination System

Displays & Transmits Picture from Sight or Spotter Camera
Powered from Standard Radio Battery
Uses Secure IP Mesh Network
Each Unit Acts as a Repeater for Others Nearby
Digital Wireless Communication
Zoom Control of Britannia 2712 Auxiliary Camera
Console Plugs in to Video Network for Integrated System
4” Viewing Screen for Relaxed Viewing
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