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The TCM brings together the control of various soldier worn systems through a single hand grip device.

Designed primarily to interface with the popular StrikeHawk hand-held remote viewing terminal, the user can utilise the built-in joystick to navigate a menu via an on-screen-display, which can be viewed by a Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) or wrist-mounted monitor. This allows the user to specify the desired frequency, search for available ISTAR assets (e.g. POD or UAV) or select a preset channel. Additionally, the TCM can be simultaneously connected to a computer, allowing the user to view and record imagery received from the StrikeHawk and interface with the computer in a normal fashion, whereby the joystick and software configurable buttons act as a "mouse", all of which can be viewed on the HMD since the TCM contains the appropriate drive electronics for various HMDs.

With a flexible design architecture, the TCM can be configured for a multitude of applications. Internally it contains HMD drive electronics, a USB hub, a serial data interface, a video to USB encoder and a general purpose relay. The unit also contains an LED, a joystick and six software defined buttons.

The multi-function TCM can be programmed to control virtually any system used by either a mounted or dismounted soldier, such as Driver's Vision Enhancement, Rear View Camera and Remote Weapon Systems or simply a PTT radio or GPS receiver.

Tactical Control Module For Integrated Soldier Systems
Suitable for left or right-hand use
Acts as a computer 'mouse'
Software configurable buttons
PTT interface
Rugged and lightweight
Sealed to IP67
Map-reading LED
HMD Drive electronics
Integrates operation of radios, sensors and systems
Control ISTAR receivers, UAVs, via a simple hand grip
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