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The SCS2 WT is the unit carried by the sniper, marksman or undercover operator (covert version).


The SCS2 WT receives command information from the Commanders handset and also displays the target number selected by the Commander.

Commands received and confirmed are also transferred to the Snipers earpiece, where they are decoded in to audible tones representing different instruction and the team status.

The SCS2 WT transmits status information to the Commander when the Sniper is in position and ready and also ON/OFF target. When the weapon push button is depressed a signal is sent to the Commander to indicate ON target. Releasing the button indicates Not On Target. When the Sniper is acting independently, the SCS2 WT enables the Sniper to indicate which Target number he has acquired, which is then displayed on the Commanders handset.

In operation the SCS2 WT is powered either by a standard issue Harris or MBTTR radio battery.



Covert Version with smaller battery adapter with same functionality for use in urban environments.


Selection of antennae
Wireless earpiece
Wireless weapon push button
Colour finish
Interface to external data radio enabling use with existing command radio net
External power leads
Batteries and chargers



Sniper Terminal

Transmits and Receives Status
Small & Lightweight
Sealed IP66
Target Number Indicator
Wireless/Cable Interface to Earpiece
Wireless/Cable Interface to Weapon Switch
Uses Standard Harris or MBTTR Batteries
Aux 12 vdc Input
Status LED
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