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A portable tool kit used by Bomb Technicians.


This bomb disposal tool kit contains a comprehensive selection of over 60 hand tools for Access, Investigation and Render Safe Procedures during EOD/IEDD tasks. The complete kit is supplied in a soft sided carrying roll (with easy-grip handle) for convenient access and quick tool selection.



Screwdriver Set, 6 Pce Pro-Soft
Screwdriver Set, Jewellers 6 Pce
Screwdriver Set, 7 Pce Pro-Soft
Wrench, 2 Pce Adjustable Set
Wrench Set, Imperial (10 Pce)
Wrench Set, Metric (10 Pce)
Wrench, 5" Lock Grip
Wrench, 10" Lock Grip
Plier, Snipe Nose 145mm
Plier, Engineers 180mm
Plier, Waterpump 250mm
Seizer, Straight
Tweezers, 7" Heavy Duty, Straight
Tweezers, 7" Heavy Duty, Curved
Pliers & Cutter Set, 5 Pce
Tinsnip 12"
Small Craft Knife
Heavy Duty Utility Knife
Knife Blades (Pack 10)
Commando Wire Saw
Padsaw Blades, Metal/Wood (Pack 2)
Hacksaw, Junior
Hacksaw, Junior Blades (Pack 10)
T-Stripper 16-26 AWG Stranded
General Purpose Scissor 150m
Needle File Set, 10 Pce
Rubber Door Wedge (Pack 2)
Spring Hook C-Lift
Spring Hook C-W
Mini Maglite (2 AA Batteries)
AA 7" Bend-a-Beam
Batteries, AA 1.5V (Pack 10)
Paint Brush, Synthetic, 1"
Cable Ties, Small (Pack 10)
Cable Ties, Medium (Pack 10)
Insulation Tape
Inspection Telescopic Mirror
1.2mmŲ - 10m Nylon Cord
Measuring Tape, 5m
Wrecking Bar, 12"
Claw Hammer, 1lb
Cold Chisel, 150mm
Steel Wire Rod, 3mmŲ - 350mm
Non Conductive Black Probe, 6.35mmŲ
Non Conductive White Probe, 6mmŲ
Tack Extractor
Tool Roll


IEDD Tool Kit



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