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The Mini Mavis TI is a portable lightweight uncooled thermal imager system, designed for rapid deployment use, which can be tripod mounted or fitted to vehicles. The Thermal Imager is available with a choice of lens, although the 150mm F1 is the standard for intruder detection out to 1500m.

The system is designed to work as a wired system, where the control TeleCase is connected to the camera using a cable, or as a wireless system, where the pictures are transmitted over an analogue or digital microwave link to the TeleCase with control via a reverse radio link.


The system is ideal for rapid deployment force protection, border surveillance, IP protection and asset protection.



Colour/Monochrome day/night camera

Preset position

Analogue or COFDM microwave links

Choice of lenses: 90mm, 120mm 150mm



Solar Panel
Long-life Battery

MiniMavis TI
Portable Remote Thermal Imager Surveillance System
Uncooled solid-state thermal imager
Small, Lightweight and Rugged
Portable Tripod Mounted Camera
Wireless, up to 5Km Range
12V Battery Operated
Choice of 120mm or 150mm lenses
Wired or Wireless Link (Analogue or COFDM)
Matching Day/Night Video Camera
Low Power Consumption
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