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The Britannia 2000 HeliCam Colour/Monochrome camera is designed to meet the tough demands of aerial surveillance in an ultra lightweight package.

HeliCam can be fitted to UAVs and is light enough to be mounted under balloon systems such as the HeliKite to provide silent covert surveillance of areas of interest.

It is rugged and tolerant of abuse over a wide environmental range, typically -10°C ~ 55°C (with options for a wider range) and it cased in a special enclosure with integral high efficiency thermal insulation to reduce power consumption at low temperatures and enable operation at elevated temperatures without the need for sunshields.

During the day HeliCam operates in colour and as the light level falls, it automatically changes to monochrome in order to take advantage of the 10X increase of sensitivity.
A low light (0.00013lux) monochrome camera can also be specified, which will provide clear images at night down to moonlight conditions.

Control of the camera and its 2588(w) lightweight Pan/Tilt is by radio. Up to 256 HeliKite systems can be controlled from one handset. The unit incorporates a frequency programmable microwave transmitter.

HeliCam is one of the numerous integrated surveillance sub-systems manufactured by Britannia 2000 and viewing/control options include the TeleCase, Mini TeleCase, FAMUS and CellSend (I or II). Purpose to task controllers and viewers can be configured to meet operational requirements.



Although designed for military work, the camera is ideally suited to those law enforcement roles where lightweight and reliability is essential. Based on the Britannia 2000 Ltd 2553 camera, HeliCam gives this reliability at costs much less than normally associated with Mil Spec equipment.


HeliKite Balloon
High Gain Antenna

Lightweight Remote Controlled Colour/Monochrome Airborne PTZ Camera
Lightweight & Ruggedised
Waterproofed to IP66
Microwave Video Downlink
Full Wireless PTZ Remote Control
Rechargeable Battery Pack
Up to 25:1 Optical Zoom Plus X12 Digital Zoom
Auto Focus
Colour and High Sensitivity Monochrome Options
Auxiliary Equipment Control
Portable Receiver & Display
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