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The 9467TSC Touch Screen Controller .has been designed to provide a common platform for the control of modern surveillance systems where a wide variety of different types of cameras may be fitted. Software personality modules can be retrofitted as new sensors are fitted to existing systems.

The 9467TSC is very simple to use and incorporates a variable speed joystick for the natural control of pan/tilt units. Other camera functions are enabled using the touch screen graphics which can change according to the sensor under control. A single controller can now control Thermal Imagers with all the appropriate functionality as well as Surveillance Video Cameras.

The controller also includes a Solid State Disc Drive which contains the operating system and the personality modules. This provides a built in recording capability as well as an archive via a USB port or IP network.

Depending on the version, on screen graphics displays the bearing and range to a target on boresight and also the arc of coverage. which can also be overlaid on to digital mapping.

Touch Screen Electro-Optical Control System
Portable & Desk Top Versions
Built in 10.4" Transflective Screen
Proportional Control Joystick for Pan/Tilt
Available in a 'tablet' version
Water proof and Rugged
Controls 4 sensors, Cameras, Thermal Imagers, Masts etc.
Built-in Solid State Drive with video recording
Laser Rangefinder Compatible
Software upgradeable for new sensors
IP and serial data control
Ideal for fixed or mobile applications
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