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The 1129 has been developed over a number of years to provide the systems integrator with a compact and versatile remote control system which can be used with virtually any Electro-Optical system. The onboard processors can be programmed to personalise the control functions for specific EO systems. The 1129 includes 4 analogue input channels which are digitised to 12 bits to enable position feedback to be monitored. This enables EO systems to perform autonomously after the operator has taught it a sequence, either by keyboard or via a
computer. Up to 8 preset positions can be stored for each unit.

7 relays allow for clean contact switching, 12vdc switching or 28vdc switching. Typically these are used for Pan & Tilt plus Lens functions, but can be used to change over fields of view in Thermal Imagers or Multi-Focal optical systems etc.

Variable speed motors are taken care of by the 2 PWM servo drivers, which provide variable speed control of 12vdc or 24vdc motors.

8 Programmable presets can be used to store and recall Pan & Tilt and Lens positions.

The 1129 has been designed to interface with common standards and can be used either with RS232 or RS485 as either a terminated RS485 receiver or part of a loop system. Different protocols can be accommodated in software, for example CANBUS for vehicle systems, NMEA0183 for marine or PELCO P for CCTV applications.

The 1129 is part of a series of OEM products for integrators, which include time/date/data/graphics inserters, wireless control systems and video transmission


Naval Gun Fire Systems, Fighting Vehicle Sensor Systems, Surveillance Cameras
Industrial Process Control, Wireless Control Cameras, Integrated EO Systems
RPV Camera Control, EOD Vehicle Remote Cameras, Remote Control Vehicles
Balloon Camera Systems, Elevated Platform Surveillance, Mast Antenna Control
City Centre TV Systems, Border Surveillance Camera Control, Sea Target Systems

Camera Control Board for OEM System Integrators
PIC Processors
RS232 input/output
RS485 input/output
2 PWM Servo Drivers
7 Relay outputs
12 bit position feedback
8 Presets
Wide operational temperature range
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