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The Britannia 2666 Pan/Tilt unit is perfect for mobile or mast mounted surveillance systems. The mounting platform can be adapted to suit individual requirements. The unit will operate from 19-33vdc.

A built in telemetry board enables the Pan/Tilt to be controlled via a serial link, with control via the Britannia sensor control panel or direct from a PC. Preset potentiometers provide positional feedback to a repeatability of 0.2 degrees. The in built controller allows 8 presets, software end stops, search patterns etc to be stored. Special to purpose software can be installed to meet any operational requirement.

The mounting platform can be modified to take side loaded sensors and a laser rangefinder.


The 2666 has been fully tested for shock, vibration, icing, rain, temperature and EMC.

For occasions when the vehicle is not level, an optional base plate for the unit allows remote adjustment of up to ± 10 degrees to level the positioner.

Mil Spec Pan/Tilt Unit
NSN: 5985-99-957-8642
Mil Std 810E
High Capacity
Built in serial data controller
Optional internal tilt sensor
30kg load carrying capability
Ideal for mobile or mast mounted systems
Full operational software suite available for control by panel or PC


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