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The 2632HD DC Pan & Tilt is a heavy duty specialist Pan/Tilt unit. It is a very robust, 12vdc Pan/Tilt which has been extensively tested for operation under arduous conditions. Units are in use in many different countries and temperature conditions. The standard unit meets most demands, with an operational range -20°C to +50°C.

The unit has been designed to pass the same rigorous testing as the Britannia 2632DC Pan/Tilt unit which is in service with the UK MoD and used on a wide variety of projects, including EOD robots and other remote vehicles.


The 2632HD DC is ideally suited to the 9465 series of long range surveillance cameras and auxiliary illuminators. The 2632HD DC has been used on a wide variety of mast mounted systems, both for portable and vehicle use.


Pan/Tilt presets
Adapter plates for 9645 camera, illuminators, and Thermal Imager

Heavy Duty Pan/Tilt Unit
Designed to meet military environmental specifications
Designed for EMC Class A compliance
Extra low temperature variant
Externally accessible Pan/Tilt limit switches
MIL Spec connector


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