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Gaining access to valuable reconnaissance data is critical to mission effectiveness. Today, users such as FAC/TACPs, Infantry and other light-weight mobile forces don’t have the products necessary to provide them with the information needed for ultimate mission effectiveness.

The Mini TAC-P II is a small hand-held device designed to receive full motion video images, transmitted from targeting pods, UAVs or other surveillance platforms. An auxiliary role is to receive video from ground-based portable surveillance systems, where available, and display the information on a variety of displays.

The receiver will cover all of the radio bands to be expected in theatre and can either be specifically tuned to the available pod frequency, or can be set to automatically scan all frequencies and receive video from any available asset in the vicinity.

The universal connector allows the user to view the images in IP protocol for connection to a small tablet PC via Ethernet or even an IP distribution system (LAN). Utilising other cable options, the user can also choose to view the video on a helmet mounted display (HMD), or any computer with a USB port. When used in conjunction with a PC, the computer controls the operation of the receiver. In the patrol role the frequency is set by simple up/down buttons on the interface cable.

The unit is extremely light-weight, and when used in conjunction with either a small, hand-held tablet PC or HMD, the unit can easily be carried and controlled by ground troops on the move.

The Mini TAC-P II is also supplied with two extremely compact, purpose designed omni-directional antennas, to optimise reception of video transmitted from an airborne platform.

ISTAR Video Downlink Receiver System
Extremely small and light-weight
Sealed to IP67
Multi Channel Receiver
Can be interfaced with a PC via Ethernet
Powered from standard radio battery or any 9-36Vdc source
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