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The 9472SX Medium Wave Infra-Red (MWIR) cooled thermal imager provides high performance day/night thermal imaging with excellent image quality in a rugged and compact package ideal for Electro Optical Surveillance packages, and is a perfect partner for the Britannia long range surveillance video cameras. Designed for arduous conditions, the hermetically sealed unit is equally at home at sea or in the desert. Compact zoom optics allow a 960mm telephoto lens to be housed in a package only 625mm long and weighing just over 22kg, making the 9472 ideal for mobile or mast mounted systems.


Employing a modular integrated detector assembly, the camera is fitted with either HD (640 x 512, 16µm) or MPHD (1280 x 720, 12µm) detector arrays. Modularity enables rapid assembly and ease of maintenance, resulting in lower lifetime costs.


The continuous zoom gives superb long range performance coupled with a 7.3° field of view for situational awareness and urban operations and 0.5° long range viewing and target identification and engagement.


Built in image stabilisation removes vibration effects, and turbulence mitigation provides for clearer images over long distances where the air is susceptible to temperature variation and movement. Dynamic Range Enhancement provides optimum picture quality over the whole scene.


Digital picture enhancement optimises the image quality for ground surveillance or for the passive air defence role, with selectable black or white hot. The native resolution of 640 x 512 or 1280 x 720 enable X8 electronic zoom to be a genuine benefit in the long range surveillance role.


The system is ONVIF compatible with IP control over the Ethernet.


Long Range Zoom Thermal Imager

Cooled thermal imager 640 x 512 or

1280 x 720 pixels

Fully weatherproof
Suitable for land & marine applications

Detects a 2.3m vehicle at › 40kms (HD) and

› 50kms (MPHD)

Detects a man at 25kms (HD) and 30kms (MPHD)
80-960 F4 motorised zoom lens
Compact using latest zoom lens technology
0.6° telephoto field of view
Auto / manual contrast and brightness

Compatible with Britannia camera protocols

Electronic zoom
Auto/manual focus

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