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The 2553CM-363 is a rugged military standard camera where a small, light yet powerful camera is needed over an extreme temperature range.


The camera body is machined from a single billet of marine grade aluminium for maximum strength and minimum weight. The special coated window is sealed and the whole camera is pressurised with dry nitrogen for unattended operation. For special applications, the camera boresight is aligned to the base plate.


The camera uses the very latest, high resolution 1/4" sensor with 1028 (H) pixels. This high native resolution enables digital zoom to be meaningful, providing long range performance from a miniature package. The 36X zoom lens gives a telephoto field of view of 30mR (1.7°).


The 2553CM-363 operates in colour by day and can be switched (automatically if required) to monochrome at night. An all new zoom and focusing system gives ultra-fast auto focusing and zoom without the need for periodic recalibration as is required by other auto systems.


The Effio-E HD signal processing system provides switchable wide dynamic range processing using two exposures at different shutter speeds to provide excellent intra scene dynamic range, removing the hidden shadows and over exposure on highlights.


The 2553CM-363 has a wide range of settings which can be accessed through the serial data port, for adjustment by experienced operators to maximise picture quality in extreme circumstances. Normally the camera is operated in a fully automatic mode with no operator intervention required other than zoom In/Out.


Control is via a serial datalink (or IP Codec) and an optional hand controller is available for zoom, focus, colour/mono select.


The standard camera body includes a front sun hood and machined side grips to improve heat transfer in high temperatures. It also has an integral mounting sled with a tapped 1/4W hole plus 2 locating peg holes for alignment.


Super High Resolution 700 TVL, 36X Day/Night Camera
Suitable for harsh environments
700 TV lines colour, 800 TV lines Mono
Wide dynamic range & back light compensation
2D & 3D Digital noise reduction
Digital image stabiliser
36X Optical zoom (3.4 - 122.4) with up to 32X digital
Enhanced zoom and focus speeds with ceramic bearing
Serial link control
Colour / Mono change-over
Intelligent motion and object detection
Sealed to IP66


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