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Mini Mavis II is the latest generation of the successful Mini Mavis range of portable camera systems. The base system comprises of a lightweight pan/tilt unit which carries a payload of up to 10Kg, enabling the 2898-750-500 EMCCD low light colour camera with a 20 - 500mm zoom lens. The standard package for urban operations is the 2712 36X zoom colour/monochrome camera with a 1.7° telephoto. All cameras operate using the same protocol and can be interchanged, enabling the user to select the best sensor for the mission.


In addition to video cameras (standard, high-definition or IP), we can also fit a range of thermal imaging cameras. If dual sensor operation is required, then the heavier payload requires the use of the HD pan/tilt which will carry up to 25Kg.


The camera system can be controlled via cable (up to 100m) or wireless, using the Rhino® Wireless Ad Hoc Mesh Network.  The Rhino® system is compatible with the analogue or IP versions, and each Mini Mavis camera location acts as a repeater within the network. Distance between cameras can be up to 300 - 500m and the distance from the nearest camera to the controller can be up to 1Km or much greater depending on the deployment of the camera mesh. Using directional antennae, the distance from the camera mesh to the controller can be over 5Kms.



Mini Mavis Lightweight Portable Camera System

Flexible architecture portable or mobile camera system for short - medium range use
Lightweight pan/tilt unit up to 10Kg payload
Lightweight tripod
Choice of cameras including 20 - 500mm zoom EMCCD
IP or analogue options
Cabled or wireless control (COFDM Ad Hoc Mesh)
Choice of dual screen control case or tablet
Runs off standard 12Vdc batteries
Supplies as a complete ready to go kit
Dual sensor thermal camera option


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