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Mavis® LRVSS is the latest generation of thermal video surveillance systems which can be tailored to meet virtually any operational requirement for vehicle, portable or ship borne applications. The basic Mavis® LRVSS system comprises of a high resolution, cooled thermal imager with a zoom lens, combined with a colour-monochrome camera which is fitted with a purpose built military 25X zoom lens.


The 2 sensors can be accurately bore-sighted and system processor provides a menu of software options to cover any expected configuration. Basic software modules enable simultaneous display of thermal and video images, or any picture full screen. 


Mavis® LRVSS includes a digital recording system with instant replay and also the ability to download recorded video by Ethernet, creation of a CD/DVD and also via USB stick. The output from the LRVSS can be fed directly into Rhino® for local area dissemination or up link to an aircraft or SATCOM.


The addition of the laser range-finder, GPS and electronic compass option pack, gives the ability to derive target coordinates and interface to other targeting systems.


If required, Mavis® LRVSS can detect and track ground, air or sea targets. If used with a video track option, the system will provide multi target detection and software tracking whilst tracking the main target and optimising the image in the field of view. Detection, acquisition and tracking can be carried on the thermal or video stream.


Mavis® LRVSS

Open Architecture Long Range Thermal/Video Surveillance and Sighting
High performance
Mobile, static and naval use
Full software suite including fusion, mapping and tracking
Gyro and video based mount stabilisation
Interfaces to radar systems, situational awareness systems etc
Off the shelf system includes latest Gen Cooled Thermal Imager
High power colour/mono zoom camera (40-1000mm lens)
Alternative thermal and video camera options
Laser range-finder interface
12-36Vdc operation


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