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The 9466-EFFIO-1000 is a long-range high quality colour surveillance camera designed to fulfil the requirement for a low maintenance camera system capable of unattended operation in harsh environments.



The single chip CCD sensor is fitted with a high resolution motorised 40-1000mm lens, which give a field of view of 48m at 10kms. The lens is fitted with a control board which operates the motorised focus, zoom and iris.



On board intelligence enables the camera to feed-back zoom angles as well as including pre-sets for up to 7 focal lengths. The camera can interface to external equipment using the serial data interface.



The lens is also fitted with an internal 5 port filter wheel. The standard filters fitted are a polarising filter to reduce glare and an 870nm+ filter to enhance operation in haze and fog. The 3rd position is clear. Two further filters may be specifried and are typically 650nm pass and cut filters.



The built in intelligence enables specific viewing angles to be demanded by external sources.



The data interface enables control over a wide variety of sensor parameters for personalising the system to achieve optimum performance.



CCD Colour Surveillance Camera
Sealed and Pressurised to IP68
Rugged construction
1/3" colour CCD camera
High resolution 600 TV lines
40 - 1000mm F4.5 - 8.3 lens (0.28° - 6.6°)
Internal motorised 5 port optical filter wheel
Haze/Filter mode to improve visibility in poor conditions


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