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“ONYX” has the following specs:

Very Sensitive to Infrared
High Performance
High Resolut8ion 45-73* 1p/mm
High SNR: 16-28*
Small Halo*
Auto Gated*
“White Phosphor” Photocathode*


* with Selected IIT


PBS-7 is “single tube, dual eye” the most common optical concept Night Vision goggles that is similar to the well known in Industry AN/PVS-7 system . Utilizing latest starlight technology its compact and ergonomic design includes built-in three stage Infrared illuminator i.e. Short-Medium-Long range of illumination. An Infrared indicator and low battery warning is fibre optically displayed within the user's field of view. Fully adjustable, padded Headgear allows the device to be flipped-up or quickly detached from the mask. Optional 3X, 7X or 10X magnification multicoated lens will convert this device into a high performance long range binoculars. Night Vision Goggles PBS-7 lightweight, fully submersible, rugged, precisely built and easy to use. To guaranty unbeatable performance in the most extreme and darkest environments we equip device with high performance Gen. 2+, SuperGen, XD-4™, XD-4™ AutoGated or XR-5™ Image Intensifier Tubes.



UBX™ Ultimate Battery Extender
PBS-7 Type “flip-up” Helmet Mount
PBS-7 Type “flip-up” Head Gear
“Snap on” lens magnification 3X
Magnification Lens: 4X, 7X or 10X
Shuttered, Self Closing Eye Guards
Laser Aiming/Illuminating Devices
Heavy Duty Tripod (when 10X used)
Heavy Duty “Pelican” Case

Night Vision Goggles Binoculars
Light Weight & Small Size
Multi Use Design
Mil. Spec. Fast Optical Lenses
Image Intensifier Tubes: Gen2+, Gen3, SuperGen™,
XD-4™, XR-5™ or “ONYX”
Mil. Spec. Manual Gain Control (Display Brightness


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