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“ONYX” has the following specs:

Very Sensitive to Infrared
High Performance
High Resolut8ion 45-73* 1p/mm
High SNR: 16-28*
Small Halo*
Auto Gated*
“White Phosphor” Photocathode*

* with Selected IIT


Dual Bridge mounting bracket allows transferring two pieces of NVM001 monocular into binoculars-goggles PBS-23. Depth perception of such a "dual tube" device allows using this set for operating various machines, boats, aircrafts etc., in addition to basic ground operations. The fact is that a “dual tube” night vision optical system has proved to be more effective and safe for low light conditions compared to a “pseudo binocular” system, commonly known as “PVS-7, which is a “one lens-two eyes” type of NVD. The crucial issue in modern military is “survivability” of a soldier. Therefore, PBS-23 is considered as the most favourable night vision goggles in new procurements regardless the highest cost.


UBX™ Ultimate Battery Extender

3X Magnification Lenses
Dual Bridge Mounting Brackets (2 types)

Quick Release Weapon Mount
Shuttered, Self Closing Eye Guard

Daytime Scope Attachment
ACH/PASGT Helmet Mount

Laser Aiming/Illuminating Device

PBS-7 Type Helmet Mount

Night Vision Multi Purpose Mini Monocular
Light Weight & Small Size
Multi Use Design
Mil. Spec. Fast Optical Lenses
Image Intensifier Tubes: Gen2+, Gen3, SuperGen™, XD-4™, XR-5™ or “ONYX”


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