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PBS-14LR7 is 7X magnification tactical Night Vision long range spotting scope, great tool for the most advanced professional users who require superior quality, outstanding reliability and unbeatable performance. PBS-14LR7 features unique ergonomic design that allows convenient single-handed or tripod mounted operation and dramatically minimizes the probability of User errors in extreme operating conditions. PBS-14LR7 operates on 2 AA batteries to guarantees reliable long time service at all temperatures. Scope equipped with an invisible short range infrared illuminator and compatible with most Infrared Laser aiming and illuminating devices. PBS- 14LR7 is rugged, fully sealed, submersible for the depth up to 2 meters under water. Can be equipped with the following Image Intensifier Tubes: Gen. 2+, Gen. 3, SuperGen, XD-4™, XD- 4Iris™, XR5™ Auto Gated.

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Long Range Spotting Scope


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