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“ONYX” has the following specs:

Very Sensitive to Infrared
High Photo response
High Resolut8ion 45-73* 1p/mm
High SNR: 16-28*
Small Halo*
Auto Gated*
“White Phosphor” Photocathode*

* with Selected IIT


Day/Night Vision Riflescope GS-37R has very unique feature: it's design allows to use this riflescope during the day and at night without loosing zero. No special knowledge, tool and time is required to transfer the scope from day to night operating mode. It can be done within seconds by simple interchanging of the "day module eyepiece" with the "night module eyepiece". Precise internal windage/elevation adjustments of the reticle. Reticle type is most popular-cross hair.

Superb quality optical scheme and fixed magnification help maximize light transmission and optical quality. Detachable powerful and focusable I.R. illuminator can be ordered as an optional. Scope can be mounted to standard US weaver rail. GS-37R it is three devices in one. Can be equipped with the following Image Intensifier Tubes: Gen. 2+, Gen. 3, SuperGen, XD-4™, XR5™ Auto Gated.

Day-Night Multipurpose Kit Weapon Sight
Interchangeable Day and Night Eyepieces
Long Range Viewing Capabilities (450-900m)
Allows 24/7 Operation
Parallax-Free At Any Distance
Shockproof Even with Heavy Recoil (.375, .50 Cal)
Precision “Sniper” Turrets Adjustment 120js°
High Quality Image Possible With Optional Photo/Video Adapter
Kilic Feintechnik MAC Weaver Mount Included
Water Resistant
GS-37R Is 3 Devices In One:
1. Day Time Rifle Scope (7x), 2. Night Vision Rifle Scope (4x), 3. Hand Held Night Vision Monocular
Image Intensifier Tubes: Gen2+, SuperGen™, XD-4™, XD4™, AutoGated, XR-5™ Or “ONYX”


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