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“ONYX” has the following specs:

Very Sensitive to Infrared
High Performance
High Resolution 45-73* 1p/mm
High SNR: 16-28*
Small Halo*
Auto Gated*
“White Phosphor” Photocathode*

* with Selected IIT


GS-26R represents combination of years of experience and the latest technological developments. Features high magnification optical system 6X! The all-new design utilizes space-age materials to reduce the weight and improve recoil resistance. Standard features include a waterproof, nitrogen purged housing, Mil-Dot illuminated "cross hair" reticule, high-grade multi-coated optics, and a low profile heavy-duty Weaver mounting system. With guaranteed zero retention on heavy calibre weapons (including .50 BMG class), these are the systems of choice among Military and Law Enforcement professionals that have finally become available on the commercial market. Can be equipped with the following Image Intensifier Tubes: Gen. 2+, Gen. 3, SuperGen, XD-4™, XR5™ Auto Gated.

Night Vision Riflescope
Optional UBX™ Ultimate Battery Extender
Mil. Spec. High Grade, Fast Optical Lenses
Image Intensifier Tubes: Gen2+, Gen3, SuperGen™,
XD-4™, XR-5™ or “Onyx”


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