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“ONYX” has the following specs:

Very Sensitive to Infrared
High Performance
High Resolut8ion 45-73* 1p/mm
High SNR: 16-28*
Small Halo*
Auto Gated*
“White Phosphor” Photocathode*

* with Selected IIT


The NVM001 is a high performance modular, multipurpose hand-held night vision monocular. It can be supplier with wide variety of intensifier tubes to provide very clear, crisp images under the darkest conditions. The NVM001 can be used as hand-held or with head mount/helmet mount assemblies for hands free use. Device has a built-in short range Infrared Illuminator and is fully submersible to a depth of 66 feet (20 Meters). The NVM001 works with either a single AA, or 3 volt lithium battery offering longer battery life. The NVM001 is weapon mountable and compatible with most IR laser aiming and illuminating devices. The whole kit comes with: Soft Carry Case, Quick-Release Mil.Spec. Headgear Mount Adapter, Mil.Spec. Headgear w/extra Brow Pads, Demist Shield, Sacrificial Window, One 3V CR123 Battery, One AA Battery, Lens Cleaning Paper, Operating Manual. NVM001 can be equipped with the following Image Intensifier Tubes: Gen. 2+, Gen. 3, SuperGen, XD-4™, XD-4Iris™, XR5™ Auto Gated.


UBX™ Ultimate Battery Extender

3X Magnification Lenses
Dual Bridge Mounting Brackets (2 types)

Quick Release Weapon Mount
Shuttered, Self Closing Eye Guard

Daytime Scope Attachment
ACH/PASGT Helmet Mount

Laser Aiming/Illuminating Device

PBS-7 Type Helmet Mount

Night Vision Riflescope
Light Weight & Small Size
Multi Use Design
Mil. Spec. Fast Optical Lenses
Image Intensifier Tubes: Gen2+, Gen3, SuperGen™,
XD-4™, XR-5™ or “ONYX”


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