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There is two technologies available for night time, low light and adverse weather conditions observation: Image Intensification and Infrared Thermal Imaging. Both have their own advantages as well as limitations. The special purpose of DSQ-20 system is to combine bothtechnologies. It allows fully and effectively exploit their capabilities by creating “Hybrid” or socalled“Fusion” Enhanced Night Vision observation system. DSQ-20 is lightweight, portable, individual optical electronic hand held or helmet mountable device combines near infrared (NIR) Image Intensifier Tube, Long Wave infrared (LWIR) Thermal Imaging Engine and Infrared laser aimer/marker.


DSQ-20 very effectively exploits multi-technology capabilities by creating unique Fusion Enhanced Night Vision observation system. Whatever is missing under Image Intensified Night Vision device observation, will be detected by Thermal Imaging Channel. And whatever is missing under Thermal Imaging observation, will be detected by Image Intensified Night Vision Channel. Both channels dichoptically fused. Built in Infrared Laser has dual functions: 1. Aimer/Pointer, i.e. IR Marker, 2. IR Illuminator which allows to use Night Vision Channel in total darkness. DSQ-20 Enhanced Night Vision System guarantees 100% night time, low light and adverse weather detection capabilities. DSQ-20 is The most desired by World's Law Enforcement and Military Users!




USB Adapter & Software (Allows To Display Thermal Images on Computer or Use Them for Further Transmission) Head Gear/Helmet Mount for “Hands Free” Operations External Battery Pack with Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries and Charger, Goods For Up To 7 Hours Continuous Use “Snap-On” magnification lenses can be used separately on either NV & TI channels

Night Vision Thermal Fusion System (Quadro NVTF)
CNC Machined, Strong and Durable
Light Weighted Aircraft Aluminium Body
Images from NV or TI Channels Can Be Used Separately
Dichoptically Fused
TI Channel “Video-Out” Feature
Manual Gain Control-Adjustable Brightness of TI Channel Display
Built-In Powerful, Focusable Laser Infrared Illuminator
When Its ON Warning LED Flashing In Operator’s Field Of View


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