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The BDS Cam Video Pick Off is an ingenious optical prism, which diverts some of the light from the eyepiece to a CCD camera, enabling simultaneous viewing and recording transmission of the video picture. Commanders can now see exactly what observers are seeing, either through Night Video Systems, Weapon Scopes, Personal Night Vision Systems or the BDS Gyro Stabilised Binoculars.

The camera can be either low light sensitive monochrome or colour, PAL or NTSC.


The camera is an excellent accessory to sniper teams when attached to their scope, whether in action or during training, especially when used in conjunction with the Digital Video Sniper Control System, design by Britannia 2000 Ltd.


There are a choice of cameras, and consequently size and sensitivity
Choice of adaptor ring depending on scope used (factory fitted)


BDS Cam Video Pick Off

Enable recording of viewed scene
Compatible with wireless transmission
Adaptors for various optical systems
Simple to use
Supplied with spacer for other eyepieces


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