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The 9210 Rhino
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The Rhino® advanced Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET) radio is a revolutionary non line-of-sight wireless system suitable for Civil and Emergency Services use. Rhino®'s self-managing MANET topology requires no "master" node and provides up to 20Mpbs of TCP/IP data between nodes with very low latency. The Rhino® will automatically route data based on the current network health.


Rhino® provides significantly better performance than equivalent Wi-Fi based systems with the ability to pass a real time video feed at a range of up to 3km using standard body worn antennas. Longer ranges can be achieved with optional amplifiers and high gain antennas providing real time video at a range of up to 150km (air to ground).

Rhino® provides ethernet, analogue video and RS232 connectivity. The integrated video encoder provides high quality, low latency H.264 encoded video with a small data footprint (1.5Mpbs). Once configured, Rhino® requires no further configuration unless it is "zeroised".


The integrated GPS receiver allows GPS data from all radios on the network to be accessed via a network wide KML feed for input to applications such as FalconView or Google Earth. Information, including unit location, network routing and data throughput, can be displayed in real time.


Each Rhino® radio contains a built-in G.711 audio CODEC allowing a single- or multi-channel voice-over IP radio network within the MANET with no extra configuration required.


Additionally, the Rhino® has the ability to switch itself on and off at set intervals allowing the unit to be left unattended for days or even weeks in covert operations.


Rhino® can be integrated into aircraft or UAVs for applications such as air to ground or air to air networking.



Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Mesh Networking System
Industry leading Mobile Ad Hoc Networking System (MANET)
True Peer to Peer topology, no master node
High data throughput (›20Mbps)
No maximum network size
Analogue video and ethernet inputs
User adjustable operating frequencies within the chosen band
Integrated H.264 video encoder and G.711 voice codec for push-to-talk radio
Built-in GPS receiver
KML output for situational awareness data


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