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Britannia's Airborne Mission System (BAMS) is a fully integrated mission management system for helicopter and light ISR/Maritime Patrol Aircraft surveillance platforms. BAMS is ideal for either new build platforms or as an upgrade to existing platforms. It is proven to deliver advanced surveillance capabilities cost-effectively, whilst giving the customer complete autonomy over the system.


BAMS is fully integrated with the world's leading high definition EO/IR stabilised turrets, including a range of ITAR free turrets. This enables Britannia to provide customers with a full HD mission system from a single contractor. BAMS is ideally suited to airborne law enforcement, military surveillance and search and rescue operations.


Law Enforcement

With a full augmented reality and "street address look up" capability, BAMS is ideal for law enforcement surveillance missions. The system focuses on delivering excellent image and recording quality to help ensure successful prosecutions. BAMS has full recording redundancy, ensuring that evidence is never lost.



Ideal for military helicopter or light ISR aircraft operations, BAMS enables highly effective airborne surveillance missions, maximising geographic coverage while minimising operator workload. With an optional ability to interface to AIS shipping data, BAMS is an ideal light maritime patrol aircraft mission management system.



Britannia Airborne Mission System
A fully integrated system from one contractor
Cost-effective delivery of advanced surveillance capabilities
Customer autonomy over the system
Delivers a full augmented reality capability
Fully redundant, highly reliable video recording
Delivers excellent image and recording quality
Choice of EO/IR turrets (including ITAR free)
Easily installed on new or upgraded platforms
DO-160 certified


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