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The 2942 dual standard High Definition / Standard Definition Airborne Video Recorder will record and play back digital HD/SD Video and Audio or analogue SD video and audio depending upon its installed configuration.


Taking its key elements from Britannia 2000's long line of successful aircraft VCR installations, it is the ideal upgrade path for the widely installed 2640 and 2744 standard definition Airborne Video Recorders used by Police and Rescue helicopters worldwide.


The unit can be configured to Standard Definition analogue mode and be a direct replacement for existing VCR installations. It can subsequently be configured for HD-SDI or SD-SDI as aircraft video equipment is updated. Simple to operate and with a design incorporating the experience of direct user feedback, the 2942 recorder uses removable 2.5" high speed, high capacity Solid State Drives (SSDs).


The 2942 will playback the video recorded on the SSD enabling operators to check that the system is operating correctly as part of pre-flight checks. The 2942 records universally compatible uncompressed 10-bit QuickTime files, providing both the highest video quality and reliability available.


An in-built battery backup system allows the device to close files and power down in the event of a power failure to eliminate any file corruption or data loss. In Composite Video mode, twin audio inputs provide recording of radio and intercom commentaries. The tactile keypad has legends for daytime use and is backlit for night time operation. An NVIS filter is installed for NVG compatibility.


The unit can be configured to analogue composite or digital SDI modes via an installer configuration menu and an auxiliary output is provided for remote indication of Record and "EOT" status.


A remote interface is provided which is 100% compatible with existing Britannia 2000 installations allowing the 2942 to be fitted into existing installations incorporating remote controllers and Multi-Deck Controllers.


A fold down front panel allows access to the removable SSD and provides a dust seal when closed. Recorded video is ported to a PC via an included video extraction utility provided by Britannia. The unit will auto detect PAL and NTSC video inputs.



HD-SD Airborne Video Recorder
Record and Playback of HDI-SDI and SD-SDI
Record and Playback of PAL or NTSC composite video
Front loading Solid State recording media
Video Audio Recorder/Player
Compatible with existing Britannia 2000 VCR installations
Uses 1/2 ARINC DZUS mounting
Shock, vibration and dust resistant
NVIS back lighting
Extended temperature range


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