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The 2894 video receiver is a compact hand-held tablet format device designed to receive, display and record commercial full motion video images transmitted from surveillance platforms. An auxiliary role is to receive video from ground based portable surveillance systems, where available, and display the information on a variety of displays.


Received video is provided in composite format via the integral BNC connector for onward dissemination as required. The receiver covers a range of popular radio bands and can either be specifically tuned to the available frequency, or can be set to automatically scan all frequencies and receive video from any available asset in the vicinity.


The integral Windows 7 PC provides the option to utilise standard commercial software such as Google Maps, Falconview, etc. The modular design approach allows for simple integration of other datalink standards, including the Britannia "Cheetah" and "Rhino®" systems.


The 2894 Receiver is also supplied with extremely compact, purpose built omni-directional antennae, to optimise reception of video transmitted from an airborne platform. These can be installed either directly onto the receiver body or remotely mounted and connected via RF cabling.


A desktop docking station provides convenient mounting, along with additional battery charging facilities and expanded I/O options, for indoor use or post-mission data analysis.


"Wagtail" Tablet Video Receiver
Extremely small and lightweight
Sealed to IP67
Multi-Channel receiver
ITAR free
Integral 7" sunlight readable restive touch screen display
Integral ruggedised PC
Instantaneous monitoring of commercial video transmissions


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